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Central Apparatus

Turayev Farkhod Batirovich

Advisor to the Director on issues of spiritual and educational work and enforcement of the legislation on the state language

+998 (71) 259-22-72

Ohunov Shokhruh Bakhodir ugli

Head of department for preparation for privatization and privatization of state assets

+998 (71) 259-20-23

Nabiev Tulkin Nabievich

Head of department for consolidate information and analysis on strategic planning, methodology, coordination of the activities of structural and regional divisions

+998 (71) 259-20-39

Kurbanaliev Sanjar Sabriddinovich

Head of department for the provision of corporate relations in enterprises with state participation

+998 (71) 259-21-73

Mamatov Odiljon Abdugaparovich

Head of division for maintaining state assets records

+998 (71) 259-22-12

Abdujambulov Ilyosbek Muminjon ugli

The head of the information service – the press secretary of the director of the Agency.

+998 (71) 259-22-50

Radjabov Baxtiyorjon Muxammadjanovich

Head of the division for coordination of appraisal and realtor activities

+998 (71) 259-20-95


Division for insolvency proceedings

Sulaymanov Fayzulla Xabibullayevich

Head of division for implementation and digitization of information and communication technologies

+998 (71) 259-21-28

Gaziev Ulugbek Ubaydullaevich

Head of legal division for contractual legal relations and litigation practice

+998 (71) 259-21-77

Gafurov Murodjon Rakhimjonovich

Head of division for maintenance of the fund for management, transformation and privatization of state assets

Kadirova Saltanat Mirbasidovna

First sector

+998 (71) 259-22-68


Head of sector for development and management of human resources

+998 (71) 259-20-10

Safarov Bekzod Ulugbekovich

Head of international cooperation and World Trade Organisation affairs sector

+998 (71) 259-22-83

Isroilov Dilshodbek Rustamovich

Administrative manager

+998 (71) 259-21-21

Alibekov Timur Abdumukhtorovich

Head of sector for the internal audit service

+998 (71) 259-22-47

Rajabov Abdubanno Khoshimjanovich

Head of division for anti-corruption and compliance

+998 (71) 259-22-44
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