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Central Apparatus

Turayev Farkhod Batirovich

Advisor to the Director of the State Assets Management Agency on issues of improving the efficiency of spiritual and educational work and enforcement of the legislation on the state language

+998 (71) 259-22-72

Nasirov Jon

Head of department for transformation and privatization of large state assets

+998 (71) 259-22-93


Head of information service; Advisor to the Director on information policy

+998 (71) 259-22-50

Mamatov Odiljon Abdugaparovich

Head of department for ensuring the rights and functions of the owner

+998 (71) 259-22-12

Kurbanaliev Sanjar Sabriddinovich

Head of department for analysis of corporate performance of enterprises with state participation

+998 (71) 259-21-73

Juraev Jamshid Abdimajitovich

Head of department for privatization of state assets

+998 (71) 259-22-98

Khusanov Nodirbek Djummaevich

Head of division for coordination of appraisal and realtor activities

Takhirov Jamshid Utkurovich

Head of department for insolvency proceedings

Samiev Umid Khikmatovich

Head of department for introduction of modern IT-technologies

+998 (71) 259-20-93

Ohunov Shokhruh Bakhodir ugli

Head of department for ensuring coordination of actions

+998 (71) 259-21-87

Nabiev Tulkin Nabievich

Head of consolidated information and analytical department of methodology, coordination of territories and structural subdivisions activities

+998 (71) 259-20-39

Samandarov Talat Yuldashevich

Head of division for analysis of the implementation of business plan indicators and performance indicators of enterprises with state participation

+998 (71) 259-20-67

Akhmedov Sharofiddin Shodimurodovich

Head of the division for management control and supervision of enterprises with state participation of department for ensuring the rights and functions of the owner

+998 (71) 259-21-17

Gaziev Ulugbek Ubaydullaevich

Head of legal division

+998 (71) 259-21-77

Bakhtiyorov Khumoyun Bobur ugli

Head of internal control and compliance service

+998 (71) 259-21-22

Gafurov Murodjon Rakhimjonovich

Head of division for maintenance of the fund for management, transformation and privatization of state assets

+998 (71) 259-20-69

Kadirova Saltanat Mirbasidovna

First sector

+998 (71) 259-22-68

Abdukholikov Kakhramon Tokhtasinovich

Head of division for development of human resources and personnel potential

+998 (71) 259-20-10

Isroilov Dilshodbek Rustamovich

Head of division for administrative work

+998 (71) 259-21-21

Sharigatova Karligash Maratovna

Head of sector for management of state property abroad

+998 (71) 259-20-24

Rajabov Abdubanno Khoshimjanovich

Head of division for organizational and executive discipline

+998 (71) 259-21-82
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