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31 May 2022

Information about the sale of buildings and structures of the hotel in Tashkent

“Torgoviy Dom Metalloinvest Vostok” LLC was recognized as the winner of the tender for the buildings and structures of the hotel located at the address of Tashkent, Mirzo-Ulugbek district, Shurtepa street, 2, on condition of payment of the purchase price of 78.75 billion soums in short period from the date of signing a contract.

For reference: the sales on these empty facilities is organized in accordance with the announcement of UzSAMA dated April 14, 2022, on holding the public auction.

In addition, applications for participation in the public sales through the electronic trading platform "E-auksion" were received from 5 applicants. During sales process, held in a competitive environment, the proposal of "Torgoviy Dom Metalloinvest Vostok" LLC, which offered a price above the price range offered by other applicants and calculated by the Consultant and an independent appraisal organization, was taken into account. In this regard, this company was selected as the winner of the public sales.

Infromation was previously reported in announcements dated May 23 and May 27, 2022 through the official website of UzSAMA, and a competitive environment was ensured in sales process.

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