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16 May 2024

The processes of privatization of 51.0 percent of the state share in the authorized capital of "YO'LREFTRANS" JSC will continue at the Tashkent Republican Stock Exchange

As previously reported, according to the relevant privatisation program, it is envisaged to privatise 51 percent of the state share (hereinafter - the ‘Share Package’) in the authorised capital of YO'LREFTRANS JSC (hereinafter - the ‘Issuer’).

Initially, the sales processes were carried out with the assistance of the Winvestment Consult consulting company, and since the offers of the applicants participating in the sales processes turned out to be lower than the price expectations of the consultant for the Share Package, a corresponding decision was made to change the sales mechanism.

Accordingly, privatisation processes are carried out through the investment intermediary Trade Platform SPPZ Nego (hereinafter - ‘Trade Platform’) of the Republican Stock Exchange ‘Tashkent’.

Brief information about the asset:

  • YO'LREFTRANS JSC is a company organising local and international intercity logistics services for cargo transportation, rent of isothermal wagons.
  • Legal address of the company is 351, Gulistan street, Syrdarya region, Syrdarya district.
  • Stake of shares offered for sale in the issuer's authorised fund - 51.0 percent;
  • Total number of shares for sale - 11,162,528 ordinary shares;
  • Nominal value of one share - UZS 1,000 (one thousand);
  • Initial price of one share at the auction - 8,880.34 (eight thousand eight hundred and eighty) UZS 34 tiyin;
  • Initial value of the asset - 99,126,992,000.0 (ninety nine billion one hundred twenty six million nine hundred ninety two thousand) UZS;
  • Amount of the Issuer's authorised fund - 21,887,309,000.0 (twenty one billion eight hundred eighty seven million three hundred and nine thousand) UZS;
  • Trade Arranger - JSC ‘Tashkent RFB’;
  • Number of lots - 1 (one);

Official website of the issuer, where all information about the issuer, including information on financial and economic indicators www.yolreftrans.uz and the Unified portal of corporate information www.openinfo.uz.

Transaction Process:

Trading will start on 17.06.2024 on the special platform of the RFB Tashkent, the SPPZ NEGO platform. (Link to participate in the trades on the RFB Tashkent)

The exchange transaction will be executed with the applicant with the highest bid, as per the rules of the exchange.

All applicants are welcome to participate in these sales processes!

For more information you can contact the Territorial Department of the State Assets Management Agency in Syrdarya region (+99894-353-05-23).


Applicants have the right to request and receive from the seller of state shares or the seller's and issuer's investment intermediary additional information necessary for him/her to make a decision on the acquisition of state shares, except for information that by its nature is considered an official or commercial secret.

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